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Superpositivity | The Film | Vickrant Mahajan

Superpositivity | The Film | Vickrant Mahajan

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Superpositivity is an awareness of the infinite power of the Universe that resides in every human being and a remembrance of all the glorious possibilities of life that humankind is born to experience. It is, above all, an acknowledgement of our unlimited ability to fulfil our infinite potential and transcend all our limitations, so that our life becomes abundant forevermore.

Superpositivity, the energy, is as old as the Universe. Superpositivity, the philosophy, was born on 19 September 2013 when motivator Vickrant Mahajan undertook a continuous 40-hour meditation in Jammu, India. Superpositivity, the movement, was born on 6 November 2013, when he gave the first-ever public talk on Superpositivity at St Mary’s Presentation Convent School, Jammu. Superpositivity, the foundation, was born on 16 January 2024 in Jammu. Since its revelation 10 years ago, Vickrant has shared the energy of Superpositivity at over 2,100 institutions across the world, including schools, prisons, hospitals, special needs homes, spiritual retreats, Olympic training centres and corporate institutions.

At Superpositivity Foundation, we are driven by the vision that the truest purpose of humankind is to not just become “good human beings” but to become superpositive human beings or infinite beings. Where we are good+ every day. Or rather, goodx every day. In the context of Superpositivity, goodness is not a static state but a dynamic one. Like the Universe, which hasn’t stopped after creating quadrillions of stars but is creating more — and better ones continually. To become better, in terms of both energy and manifestation, every moment of its existence, is the core purpose of the Universe — and is the core purpose of Superpositivity as well.

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Superpositivity is the essence of the Universe. And the essence of Superpositivity can be expressed in four simple words — Yes Thank You Universe — called the Superpositivity Chant. The chant was born during the 40-hour meditation Vickrant performed in September 2013.

Essentially, Superpositivity is the building and Yes Thank You Universe is its foundation. Superpositivity is the state and Yes Thank You Universe is its enabler. Superpositivity is the energy and Yes Thank You Universe is its activation.

In September 2020, to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the Superpositivity Chant, a musical track devoted to the chant was created in collaboration with Peruvian music composer Carlos Carty. You can listen to it here and download it for free or you can stream it on online music platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes. You could listen to it while meditating or play it in the background at a low volume while working to keep yourself suffused in the energy of Superpositivity.

To learn more about the Superpositivity philosophy, kindly watch the Superpositivity film on the home page or read Yes Thank You Universe and/or Superpositivity (by clicking the books link in the menu above). We wish you infinite positive energy in your journey of life forevermore.

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